Jewellery Designed to Inspire
  • Success Mala


    Strikingly beautiful, with its rich blue colour, naturally softened by veins of white, the blue sardonix agate is a stone which brings success to the owner. We think of this as the entrepreneur's mala, which enhances self-control, brings the wearer luck, and courage as an individual, and has the power to bring those of like-mind together.

    These powers are enhanced by the use of the powerful lapis lazuli which brings matters more clearly to the mind, and is a symbol of truth. White jade can protect against accidents ad misfortune, and is used in this mala as and aid to the powers of the agate.

    We all strive for success. To be the best we can be, to be great at whatever we do..... only you can make your dreams come true, so get out there and make them happen!

    -Blue Sardonix Agate

    -White Jade

    -Lapis Lazuli