Jewellery Designed to Inspire
  • Shamballa - Crystal Pave


    Shamballa bracelets have more significance and philosophy than the average wearer realizes. Deep within the history and myth, lie philosophies many believe and follow faithfully today. Whether you're buying one to help you along your spiritual path, for healing, or meditation, there is one here to match your personality! The healing and spiritual messages of the Shamballa bracelets are a comfort to those who wear them.

    - Grey - security, maturity and dependability.

    - White - purity, kindness and loyalty in love.

    - Aquamarine - the coolest, calming colour of inspiration and sincerity.

    - Black - strength and mystery.

    - Green - nature, life and restfulness.

    - Champagne - celebration and beauty.

    - Orange - enthusiasm, creativity and endurance.

    - Pink - love and peace.

    - Purple - good judgement, peace of mind.