Jewellery Designed to Inspire

At Karmeru, We're All About:

- Following our dreams

- Making them happen

- Being yourself – because being yourself is Beautiful!

- Being Strong, Caring, Devoted, Understanding, Passionate, Worldly, and Adventurous

We are bohemian girls with a love of this world. The ocean air on our skin, the wind in our locks – these are the things that bring us closer to our appreciation of the things around us. Freedom – to live, to explore, to experience it all, and to succeed. We love to travel, try new things, walk with our feet in the water – those things that make you breathe deeply and realize how lucky we are.

We were born with an appreciation of the world around us. and  run this company with a true love of this world, and  a belief in giving back. Check out our “Pay It Forward” page, to see what we’re doing to get involved.

Located in Northern Ontario, Canada, our surroundings in Muskoka keep us in touch with nature. With the changes of each season, we get a fresh start 4 times a year – new wardrobes, new challenges, and new possibilities. We live for this stuff, but we also have a strict belief that one must truly experience this world. We are travelling adventurers, always looking for what’s waiting around the next winding path. 

Join us on this journey, like us on Facebook, post on our page, tell us about your adventures and what your Karmeru Pieces mean to you!


 Proudly handcrafted on a small island in Northern Canada!